Where’s Kessel?

With the Toronto Maple Leafs stuck in a tail spin, losing 20 of their past 24 games and their leading scorer Phil Kessel scoring only 4 goals in their past 24 games, a new picture book for kids is in hot demand.

Similar to, ‘Where’s Waldo?’ the book is called, ‘Where’s Kessel?’ Each page has a picture of the Toronto Maple Leafs playing hockey against another NHL team. Kids will enjoy hours of fun searching for Kessel on the ice. Just like in real life, they may grow frustrated when they can’t find him.

An even harder challenge: finding a new captain, a new GM and a new direction. Don’t forget a new power play and defense!

At the back of the book children will find a section called, Young Talent Give Away. There’s a Tuukka Rask page, an Alex Steen page, and a Tyler Sequin page. Fortunately, those guys are easy to find.