One Offs

I once worked for lululemon. Their company motto is, ‘Sweat once a day.’ Unless you work in one of their factories then it’s, ‘Sweat 16 hours a day.’

Homeless man
The other day I was walking down the street and a homeless man asked for spare change. “Sorry, I don’t have any money.” I replied. He shook his head, “Then, get a job.”

Is there a divine plan or does God say, “I’m bored and it’s Wednesday.”

Mick Jagger
I realized something the other day, Mick Jagger isn’t actually singing about ‘Brown Sugar.’

Writer’s Block
I had the worst case of writer’s block. I asked Shakespeare for help. Couldn’t understand a damn word he said. And I thought the man was English.

Making God Laugh
My father told me, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans.” I’m going to buy a boat and said around the world! “That’s what Noah said.”

Thanksgiving is a European tradition. It goes back to the ancient Egyptians when pharaohs would wear birds on their heads as a sign of fertility.

One thought to “One Offs”

  1. I like ,LuLu, Homeless man, making good laugh, love and relationships, pope joan. those make me laugh yet at the same time make me to think. great.

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